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My song 'Seeing You' from my album 'Bigger Picture'  was recently single of the week on BBC Hereford & Worcester... why not download, or order CD if you like what you hear? x

Seeing You
From the album 'Bigger Picture'
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5th September - Green Dragon, Guarlford Rd, Malvern 9pm 
(Country Blues Band)

26th Sep - Red Lion, Stiffords Bridge, near Malvern 9pm  
(Country Blues Band)        

For some of you who remember me from 'Kingdom Faith' days - there are a wealth of devotional songs I wrote and recorded during that season, so  I  have released two compilation CD's, which  include some of those original recordings: 

1. 'Lord of my Life' has 16 of my worship and ministry songs, including 'You alone are God, Grace mercy & love, & Miracle Working God. (You'll also hear a couple of duets with my old friend Jarrod Cooper,  writer of 'King of Kings, Majesty)
Here are a couple of sample tracks....

You are the Lord our God
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Lord of my Life
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2. 'Eyes on You' is a compilation of some live congregation worship recordings, which will work well as a soaking/meditation CD - a whole hour of my God focused worship songs, plus some spontaneous singing from scripture, and a couple of beautiful hymns!  (These recordings are from the Don Double family camp I led worship at here in my home town of Malvern, way back in '98, with a congregation of around 1,000.  It's a timeless recording, and just captures the God-filled atmosphere that we experienced that week!) 
Sample tracks.....

Dear Lord & Father of mankind
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There is no one like You
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I heard someone preaching last year about 'bringing up the treasures from the basement'..... so, that's my reason for making these songs available - I'm  brushing off the basement cobwebs,  and putting them all in one place,  where people can  hear them again...... available late August - please visit my CD's page to order . x  

New album 'THE KEY' available now....... see my CD's page  


At the end of May, I spent a few days back in my home island of Jersey, where I had the privilege of chatting to the lovely Cathy Le Feuvre on BBC Radio Jersey - here is the interview......

Interview on BBC Radio Jersey 31.5.15
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Hallelujah is our Song' 
 Charity Single, in aid of Cancer Research UK    I am still fundraising through the sale of this CD

(Latest update: we have raised nearly £1, 500 already, through people's kind donations, and sales of the CD..........               THANK YOU SO MUCH!  
It was a really sad day, when Gill lost her battle on 5th January this year, but she had been so encouraged, knowing that the money raised would be helping people like her in the future...... I can still hear her saying now....
           'ONWARDS AND UPWARDS!' ............ x

BBC Introducing Hereford & Worcester Interview 27th Dec 2014
Hallelujah is our song
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The Story behind the song....              

"Many of the songs I write, begin with a seed idea, which sits there germinating in my head, often for weeks, before it eventually becomes a full blown song!
This seed was planted back in May last year, as I read an article in our local paper, telling the story of Denise Inge (the wife of the Bishop of Worcester).....who tragically lost her battle with cancer on Easter Sunday. When she heard the news that she had cancer, her response to it was....."Whatever happens......Hallelujah is our song!"
Those words literally seemed to jump off the page, and hit me to the best friend Gill, was battling the same disease, and I knew that this phrase was going to be in  a song that I would write for her!
(It was one of those get up in the middle of the night inspired songs), and when completed, I knew I  wanted to put it out as a charity single.
To help boost funds, we've compiled a CD with the song, plus some bonus tracks from my current albums.....

All of the songs on the CD have a special meaning to me.... In particular, "You make me Feel" - "Everlasting arms" - "In your Eyes" and "Don't Wait" .....  all written in memory of some special people. 

We feel so helpless when cancer attacks those we love and care for.....this is a small way that I'm trying to help.....

Please take  a look at my CD's page to order physical CD, or download the song on itunes, or visit my 'Just Giving' page if you would like to donate to the charity:






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